About Konstfrämjandet

Konstfrämjandet is dedicated to its mission “art for everyone”.

We see art as a way of reflecting on ourselves and society. Together with artists, participants and our members, we offer alternative perspectives on the times we live in. We produce and distribute art all over Sweden, through new works, exhibitions, books and encounters. Konstfrämjandet is independent from any political party and is active all over Sweden through its affiliates and districts, which are diverse but united in their strong commitment to art and society. Our members are various social movements, including community education centres and trade unions.

We are dedicated to the importance of art, and want to contribute to making art accessible to everyone in a fair and equal society.

Konstfrämjandet Västernorrland is a non-profit organisation that seeks to make contemporary art accessible and promote the role of art and artists in society. 

With collaboration as our starting point, Konstfrämjandet Västernorrland seeks to promote small and major arts practitioners, organisations and initiatives that are already active in the region, mapping the diverse artistic and cultural landscape. Through outreach programmes, art can contribute to expanding our ability to reflect on and think about society, collectively and as individuals.

The Västernorrland district of Konstfrämjandet was launched in 2021 and has a mobile operation throughout the region.